CONSULTANCY: Macadamia Manual Update and Training Project

Project Overview

Malawi boasts a small yet vibrant presence of smallholder and medium-sized farmers who predominantly market their crops through cooperatives to domestic processors for subsequent export of the processed product, typically in its raw kernel form. With the expansion of crop production, an increasing number of estates are incorporating anchor farming models to expand their output, consequently growing the community of smallholder and medium-sized farmers.
There has been lack of technical materials to guide new and existing smallholder and medium-sized farmers to enter the industry. The only available localized smallholder and medium-sized farmer production manual was last updated in 2009 and contains outdated agronomic practices from the late 90s and are largely estate based. To compound this industry constraint, the existing material is very technical and consequently inaccessible to smallholder farmers because of prevailing low literacy levels. The smallholder and medium-sized sector in Malawi need accessible and affordable best practices.

The Malawi Macadamia Association is currently seeking a qualified and experienced consultant or consulting team to play a pivotal role in enhancing our support infrastructure for small to medium-sized macadamia farmers. The primary tasks include updating our existing smallholder manual, which is outdated and no longer aligned with contemporary agronomic practices. Additionally, we aim to develop a comprehensive best practices script tailored for agronomic training videos. These videos will be conducted in the Chichewa language to ensure accessibility for our target audience—small to medium-sized farmers. The consultant(s) will also be responsible for facilitating short introductory physical training sessions, targeting both existing and prospective macadamia farmers. This multifaceted project aims to equip our farmers with updated knowledge and practical skills, fostering sustainable and improved macadamia farming practices in the region. Interested and qualified consultants are invited to submit technical proposals outlining their approach, experience, and timelines for delivering these crucial components.

Scope of work

The consultant(s) will be entrusted with a comprehensive scope of work aimed at elevating the support framework for small to medium-sized macadamia farmers in Malawi.

Key tasks will include:

1. The updating of the smallholder training manual, simplifying and aligning it with current industry practices for optimal use by small and medium-sized farmers.
2. Additionally, the consultant(s) will script training videos tailored to small and medium farmers, covering a spectrum from macadamia farm establishment best practices to post-harvest management. The achievement of this involves overseeing the development or outsourcing of graphic designers for the creation of these introductory videos.
3. The consultant(s) will play a pivotal role in facilitating short introductory training sessions across Malawi with one training in each region – south, central, and northern.
This multifaceted approach is designed to empower macadamia farmers with updated knowledge and practical skills, ensuring sustainable and improved farming practices throughout the country.


The project has the following objectives:

1. Support the develop an up-to-date accessible and affordable macadamia production manual.
2. Support the development of short training videos that target small to medium macadamia farmers.
3. Support the coordination and identification of consultants to facilitate farmer trainings.


The consultant(s) is expected to implement this project within 14 calendar weeks. The project commencement date will be Monday, 12th February 2024.


The consultant(s) must possess a broad set of qualifications. First and foremost, candidates should demonstrate a deep understanding of the Malawi Macadamia sector, showcasing comprehensive knowledge of its unique challenges, opportunities, and current industry practices. Additionally, the consultant(s) should bring valuable insights gained from experience in macadamia sectors in other global origins, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on best practices and innovative approaches.
A proven track record in developing training materials, particularly manuals and scripts, and facilitating effective training sessions is essential. Strong communication skills and proficiency in both written and spoken English and Chichewa are imperative to convey complex concepts to a diverse audience. The selected consultant(s) should also exhibit adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices in the context of macadamia farming.


The project deliverables will include:

1. Revised Smallholder Training Manual:

A thoroughly updated and simplified smallholder training manual aligned with current industry practices, formatted for easy comprehension by small and medium-sized macadamia farmers. The format should be in Microsoft Word and PDF.

2. Training Video Scripts:

Comprehensive scripts for a series of training videos addressing various aspects of macadamia farming, ranging from farm establishment best practices to post-harvest management. The scripts should be tailored to resonate with the target audience and be culturally appropriate for Chichewa-speaking farmers.

3. Training Videos:

Professionally produced training videos demonstrating macadamia farming techniques, visually depicting best practices from farm establishment to post-harvest management. The videos should be engaging, informative, and relevant to farmers in both southern, central, and northern regions of Malawi.

4. Graphic Design and Multimedia Elements:

Coordination with graphic designers or multimedia specialists to develop visually appealing and educational elements for the training videos, ensuring the content is visually compelling and enhances the learning experience.

5. Training Session Facilitation:

Conduct short introductory training sessions in the southern, central, and northern regions of Malawi, providing hands-on guidance and facilitating discussions to ensure effective knowledge transfer and skill acquisition among small and medium-sized macadamia farmers.

6. Progress Reports:

Regular progress reports detailing milestones achieved, challenges encountered, and any necessary adjustments to the project plan.

7. Feedback Mechanism:

Establishment of a feedback mechanism to gather insights from participants during and after training sessions, enabling continuous improvement of training materials and approaches.

8. Final Project Report:

A comprehensive final project report summarizing the entire consultancy, including an overview of activities undertaken, outcomes achieved, and recommendations for ongoing support or future initiatives.

Contact Details

For detailed TORs please email administrator@malawimacadamia.org. All eligible consultants interested to submit proposals should submit their Technical and Financial proposals on or before Friday, 2 February 2024 via email to administrator@malawimacadamia.org and copy these key contacts:

  • Email: steve@agrivest.mw
  • Email: mbawaka@agrivest.mw
  • Email: dmcdavid@jacomaestates.com
  • Email: lmunkhondia@gmail.com