The Technical Assistance Project for Enabling Environment Reforms for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and Strengthening of Labour-related laws is part of the wider EU-funded Zantchito-Skills for Jobs programme which aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malawi by working with all actors in the sector including at policy level and linking to the practical aspects.

The overall objective of this assignment is to review the Malawi labour laws (i) Employment Act, (ii) Employment (prohibition of hazardous work for children order of 2012), and (iii) Labour Relations Act in line with the Zantchito skills for jobs program key result with regards to reviewing of labour laws and make recommendations for implementable amendments that are aligned with international labour standards and other national policies, laws and regulations.

The review shall be based on international labour standards and best practices and consultations with
international and national stakeholders, particularly the most representative bodies of employers and workers.

The specific objectives of this assignment are to:

1. Conduct a desktop review of the international labour standards and best practices, Malawi labour policy and legal framework including other laws that have implications on employment and labour and subsequently
2. Conduct a comprehensive labour laws gap analysis in line with international labour standards both ratified and unratified by Malawi and other international labour best practices.
3. Conduct a series of consultations with relevant national and international stakeholders & Ministry of Labour staff for the revision of identified labour laws.
4. Draft implementable amendments to the identified labour laws congruent with international labour standards, national labour policies and laws and present them to the Government and its social partners (through the platform of TLAC) for endorsement.
5. Review the labour laws in line with international labour standards and other international labour best practices.

Qualified and experienced labour law practitioners and legal experts are invited to apply for this consultancy.

Step 1

Interested and qualified individual consultants must obtain detailed terms of reference with details of the assignment they are interested in and an EU CV template via request to the following email address: Fiona.Manda@gopa.de

Step 2

Applications must only contain a one-page cover letter and a detailed CV in EU format. No further documentation is to be submitted.

Step 3

The subject line should clearly state the position you are applying for.

Submit applications to the same email address: Fiona.Manda@gopa.de

Deadline: Friday 15th March 2024 at 1700hrs.


1. Under EU rules only an individual can be contracted for an assignment, not a company.
2. No discussion, communication or clarifications on ToR will be provided.