TIL Limited is a subsidiary company of AHL Group Plc and is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill a position of DATA ENTRY CLERK as follows: –

Position Function

Operating the Hessian and Rehandling system in collaboration with all staff and stakeholders in the
Tobacco Industry.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Generating hessian distribution list for use by all hessian clerks in hessian distribution and
ensuring reconciliation after hessian distribution is completed.
2) Entering all hessian data and rehandling bales in the Hessian and Rehandling Systems.
3) Ensuring compliance by all staff with hessian and rehandled bales data management system.
4) Generating reports on all hessian stocks, distribution and balances to enhance accountability and transparency in hessian stocks at all levels.
5) Generating distribution lists for use by all hessian clerks in the distribution of hessian across the country.
6) Liaising with the Finance Department to make sure that Hessians and Rehandled bales invoices
are booked and charges are recovered from tobacco growers on time.
7) Providing reports on hessian and rehandling recoveries for all growers and taking action on all outstanding charges.
8) Working hand in hand with IT department of AHL Tobacco Sales Limited for smooth operations of
the Hessian and Rehandling system, and where necessary, seek support timely.
9) Supervising data management of all hessians at all levels and rehandled bales.
10) Sorting out queries from growers on hessian and rehandled bales.
11) Networking with other stakeholders (Buyers, Farmers Organisations, Tobacco Commission
and Growers) in the hessian and rehandled bales data management and address concerns
where applicable.
12) Monitoring of the hessian distribution exercise in all TIL depots, EPAs and Associations while
ensuring smooth distribution and carrying out reconciliations at the end of the distribution exercise.
13) Working with internal Auditors annually. Liaising with the Finance Department to make
sure that Advance Hessians are invoiced on time.
14) Sorting out data queries that arise during the hessian distribution season.
15) Generating management reports on hessian stocks and rehandled bales periodically.


  • Diploma/Certificate in ICT Other Requirements
  • Data management skills

Applications with full Curriculum Vitae including three traceable referees should be addressed to:

The Human Resources and Administration Officer (Corporate)
AHL Group Plc
P. O. Box 40035

Closing date for receiving applications is Wednesday, 7th February, 2024.

Please note that TIL Limited is an equal opportunity employer.