Malawi Social Support for Resilient Livelihood Project
Credit No: IDA5300


Individual Consultant – 15x District Facilitators
Date of Issue : 25th December, 2025

1.0 Background

The Government of Malawi (GoM) through the National Local Government Finance Committee
(NLGFC) has received financing towards the cost of Malawi Social Support for Resilient Livelihood
Project. The NLGFC intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing to eligible payments
under the contract for hiring a 15No. District Facilitators on a three year contract renewable
annually based on perfomance.

NLGFC therefore invites applications from suitably qualified and interested candidates to fill the
position of 15 No. District Project Facilitators tenable in various Local Authorities. The Terms of
Reference (TORs) for the District Project Facilitator are as follows:

2.0 Terms of Reference

Job Title: District Project Facilitators

Responsible to: District Cluster Project Coordinators

Purpose: To facilitate coordination of Climate Smart Public Works program at the District level and
implementation of sub projects in communities. The District Project Facilitators shall support the Director of Planning and Development at Council level with oversight reporting to District Cluster Project Coordinator in the National Local Government Finance Committee in the implementation of Social Support for Resilient Livelihoods Project (SSRLP).

Duties and Responsibilities – District Project Facilitator

a) Ensure that all concerned stakeholders at the District and Community level have good
understanding about the goal and objectives of the program through facilitation of different
meetings, trainings and workshops;

b) Facilitate the enrollment process of Participants in liaison with the DESC, District Techincal Team (DTT)and MISO;
c) Support the CS-EPWP Desk Officer (District Land Resources Conservation Officer) in facilitating supervision, Monitoring and Evaluating field activities based on the schedule to ensure the accomplishment of CS-PWP activities within set standards;
d) Support the Environmental District Officers (EDOs) and District Environmental Sub-Committees (DESC) in environmental and social screening, preparation and implementation of E&S tools, and monitoring of E&S safeguard compliance;
e) Facilitate District and Environmental and Social Committee (DESC) activities in Supervising and
monitoring field staffs implementing the CS PWP sub – projects;
f) Facilitate the production of wage sheet/payroll under E-paymenton a monthly basis after completing of works in sub projects inliason with the MISO;
g) Support e-payment Financial Service Provider during the onboarding of participants;
h) Facilitate the preparation of periodic plans and accomplishment reports (Annual, biannual,
quarterly and monthly Budget/cash flow and physical activity plan and report etc);
i) Assist the Desk officer in ensuring Proper management and record keeping of tools, Equipment and materials assigned to Catchment Management Committees (CMCs);
j) Facilitate procurement and timely distribution ofinputs, materials and tools to micro –
k) Facilitate the preparation of training plans and ensure their delivery to Extension Workers
(EWs) and CMCs;
l) Support/facilitate the identification and documentation of best practices/success stories of CS-PWP;
m) Ensure that the documented success stories of CS-PWP are included in the planning and
implementation of CS-PWP;
n) Facilitate experience sharing among catchments and/or with other districts in collaboration with DESC members and EWs;
o) Support the Secretariat on CS-PWP issues during DESC meeting;
p) Support the Desk Officer(Land Resources Conservation Officer) to regularly ensure timely execution of planned activities and tasks on CS-PWP;
q) Facilitate the preparation of Village Action Plans (VAPs), Catchment management plans
and District Safety Net Plans (DSNPs);
r) Support the District Information Officer and local communications committee to identify,
document and share on local platforms, mainstream platforms and to the NLGFC all best practice and success stories on a monthly basis;
s) Work with the NLGFC for Knowledge sharing sessions at local level to enhance learning
and knowledge sharing and include all documented success stories of CS-PWP in the further implementation of CS-PWP; and
t) Facilitate peer learning and experience sharing among catchments and/or with other districts
in collaboration with DESC members and EWs.

3.0 Job Requirement

Requirements for the Position of District Project Facilitator

Academic qualification

Bachelor’s Degree obtained from an accredited institution in any of the following fields;Development
Economics, Social Work, Community Development, Sociology, Agriculture, Environmental Science or any Development Studies/Natural Resources.

Work experience

Minimum of 5 years’ post degree experience working with Local Authorities and Rural Communities. Prior experience in Climate Smart Soil and Water Conservation Projects will be an added advantage.

Required skills and competencies

a) Proficient in Micro Soft Office including Word, Excel and Power Point.
b) Excellent communication, analytical and report writing skills.
c) Strong communication, documentation and presentation skills.
d) Team work.
e) Self starter, creative and hands on.

4.0 Performance Criteria

The following performance criteria will be used to assess the performance of the District Project
Facilitator annually and based upon these assessments the contract with the Project may be
continued or terminated:

  • Quality and timeliness of summary periodic and activity reports;
  • Quality of activity planning and coordination skills;
  • Timely submission of periodic financial and technical implementation progress reports;
  • Adherence to Budget provisions and facilitating timely liquidation and reconciliation of project
    financing in liaison with district finance teams;
  • Timely preparation and submission of annual capacity building plan and implementation reports;
  • Quality of stakeholders engagement and coordination skills;
  • Level of detail in documentation of proceedings of meetings and activities;
  • Reports on community structures capacitated with knowledge and skills in environmental
    and social management planning and implementation;
  • Level of adherence in the implementation of sub-projects contained in the District Safety Net plans;
  • Quality and Number of ESMPs LAs are supported to develop and implement;
  • Quality and number of safeguards implementation monitoring and supervision reports; and 
    Number and quality of best practices identified and documented in implementation of the

5.0 Duration of the assignment

The District Project Facilitators will be recruited for 3 years up to 31st December 2026, but the contract
shall be renewable annually based on satisfactory performance and availability of funding.

6.0 Location of Employment

The District Project Facilitators will be based at various District Councils where there are vacancies.

7.0 Submission of Applications

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements should submit application letters
together with a concise Curriculum Vitae (CV), National ID and copies of relevant certificates to the
address below not later than 17.30 on 19th January 2024 to:

The National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) is committed to diversifying Gender
equality in its operations and strongly encourages women to apply for the above vacant position.

The Executive Director,
National Local Government Finance Committee,
Area 14, Red Cross Building,
Presidential Way,
Private Bag 352,

Or through the following email address recruitment@nlgfc.gov.mw copy ed@nlgfc.gov.mw

Only shortlisted applicants will be considered for further assessments.