The COMESA Competition Commission („the Commission“) is a regional body corporate established under Article 6 of the COMESA Competition Regulations (“the Regulations”) promulgated under Article 55 of the COMESA Treaty. The Commission is responsible for promoting competition and enhancing the welfare of consumers in the Common Market. The main functions of the Commission are to monitor markets and investigate anti-competitive business practices, control mergers and other forms of acquisitions in the Common Market and mediate disputes between the Member States concerning anti-competitive conduct. The Commission commenced its operations on 14th January,
2013 and is located in Lilongwe, Malawi. More information can be obtained from the Commission’s website http://www.comesacompetition.org/.

The Commission is looking to recruit three Officers who are suitably qualified and experienced candidates to assist in the project Electronic Case Flow Management System and automation of its support systems. The three temporary positions are tenable at the Commission in Lilongwe, Malawi. Applications are therefore invited from suitably qualified and experienced professionals who are citizens or resident in the host country, Malawi.


JOB TITLE: Documentation Officer

TENURE: A Temporary Staff member for one (1) year term subject to renewal. Extension of contract is subject to availability of funds, performance of the contract holder, continuity of the project and approval of successive annual Work Plans by the COMESA Competition Commission.


SALARY: USD 1000 per month


REPORTS TO: Registrar

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Temporary Staff member (local)

1.1. Responsibilities

Under the overall supervision of the Director and CEO of the Commission and the direct supervision of the Registrar, the Documentation Officer will be responsible for providing assistance in the project Electronic Case Flow Management and other workflow process of the Registrar. In addition to the
above responsiblity, the incumbent shall provide the following specific duties and responsibilities in support of the Office of the Registrar:


i. Determine disposition, cataloguing, referencing and labeling of records, storage, appropriate method to preserve documents/file/data, or destruction;

ii. Develop a schedule for transfer of general records to archives, temporary storage or destruction, and submit to the Registrar for approval

iii. Recommend storage capacity and space needs and use for archives

iv. Develop, maintain, and undertake the disposition of all records and archives (digitally and physically)

v. Arrange for confidential shredding of records to be disposed of

vi. Arrange for the transfer of materials to archives

vii. Design and implement a digitisation schedule for analogue archival materials

viii. Process collections according to accepted archival standards and procedures

ix. Facilitate access to archives through appropriate software and applications

x. Orient, induct, guide and assist staff to select and process their documents for archiving


i. Conduct an annual records audit to inventorise and appraise records

ii. Records processing, retention, back-up, accessing, receiving, circulating and fling

iii. Recommend records storage periods and develop records schedules

iv. Organise the physical movement of records between storage areas

v. Maintain proper back-up of records

vi. Create manual and electronic folders for fling and retrieving information

vii. Implement appropriate security measures to safeguard records, store fles securely and control access to, circulation and filing of records

viii. Develop and regularly update file classification and indexing systems

ix. Organise use and access to the general records (opening, indexing, classification, retrieval, despatch, tracking and closing of files)

x. Respond to any information requests from external stakeholders

xi. Orient, induct, guide and assist staff to manage their individual records


i. Receipt of all applications, notifications and complaints via various channels

ii. Case registration and allocation of case file number

iii. Recording, preparation and fling of all case documentations for onward submission to the case teams

iv. Make follow-ups as required with the Executive Director for any approvals and authorisations required

v. Assist the Commission with its projects undergoing by summarizing and collating information; and setting up an information data base;


i. Proactively implement alternative ways to meet commitments when unexpected events, unplanned actions, or contingencies arise

ii. Research and apply best practices in own specialised area of work in order to effectively undertake the duties of the post

iii. Perform any other duties as required by the Registrar and incidental to the foregoing and as may be delegated by the Registrar or the Director & Chief Executive Officer.

1.2. Requirements for the Post

Academic Qualifications– Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science

Experience – Minimum of one-year experience in archiving and documentation. Work experience in a Regional or International organization and digitalization is desirable. Experience in a competition authority is an added advantage

1.3. Competencies

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to influence multi stakeholder processes;
  • Excellent analytical skills particularly in interpreting, using, analysing and presenting data and evidence;
  • Excellent Computer Skills;
  • Demonstrated relationship management skills, including proven listening skills and sound business judgment;
  • Takes responsibility for incorporating gender perspectives and ensuring the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work; demonstrates knowledge of strategies and commitment to the goal of gender balance in staffing;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the purpose and objectives of the COMESA Treaty and the COMESA Competition Regulations and Rules; and
  • Knowledge of the operations of the COMESA Competition Commission and the COMESA regional integration agenda is highly recommended.

1.5. Working Language Requirement

Must be fluent in English and/or French and/or Arabic (speaking and writing). A combination of any two or all of these languages will be an added advantage.

3.4. Working Language Requirement

Must be fluent in English and/or French and/or Arabic (speaking and writing). A combination of any two or all of these languages will be an added advantage.


Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, 7th February 2024 directly to the COMESA Competition Commission via email recruitment@comesacompetition.org with a copy to compcom@comesacompetition.org or with the physical address below:

The Director and Chief Executive Officer
COMESA Competition Commission
Kangombe House, 5th Floor – West Wing
P. O. Box 30742
Lilongwe 3, Malawi

Email: compcom@comesacompetition.org