The Education and Training Coordinator (ETC) is responsible for oversite and implementation of all Education and Training activities and Student Programs. He/she will support with strategic planning, and be responsible for monitoring and evaluation, resource and finance management of the Education, Training and Student programs both during and on-going from surgical programs.

The Education and Training Coordinator is an integral part of Operation Smile Malawi (OSM, managing the department’s program administration for all education initiatives including reporting and communication requirements to ensure that the education and training goals and objectives for volunteer engagement and local capacity building are achieved. The ETC also manages donor and additional stakeholder reporting processes as it relates to the education programs.

Within OSM, the ETC reports to the Program Manager and works closely with the Program Coordinator, Patient Coordinators and the Partnership and Fundraising Coordinator to ensure that planning, execution, support, and follow-up of Operation Smile Malawi’s education programs meet the set goals and objectives and align with the wider organizational strategies. The ETC works in liaison with the education team and other relevant officers at HQ level.

Essential functions:

  • Liaise with the Programs Manager, Ministry of Health, and Councils structures to align nationally demand-driven training programs and confirming opportunities for Learning Professional Development or Continuous Professional Development( LPD) points to be achieved during OSM training programs.
  • Coordinate and manage the completion, collection, and organization of department reporting needs including, but not limited to, American Heart Association (AHA) reporting, Resident Leadership Program reimbursements, and other education programs including managing all education related official AHA databases.
  • Keep an uptodate education and training database and contribute relevant data to the foundation’s monthly M&E reports and program reports.
  • In conjunction with Program Coordinators, manage all logistics associated with planning, executing and wrapping up AHA trainings and conferences, including follow ups on administrative- and logistical-intensive tasks: booking air travel, building teams of credentialed volunteers, arranging meals, lodging and local transportation, medical supplies and services, applying for visas, completing reports, working with other departments to ensure all aspects of the program are covered, etc.
  • Execute training programs in country, including education missions, MegaAHA Life Support training programs, specialty-specific training courses, and conferences. Implement use of any pre and post-tests, participant evaluations, program evaluations, as needed to report on the success of each training delivered.
  • Help maintain accurate inventory of in-country supplies and equipment related to AHA trainings and following up on materials and logistics as needed.
  • Manage the department communication needs, such as contributions to the monthly volunteer newsletter and website verbiage.
  • Work with the Program Manager and Program Coordinator, to collaborate with and support the foundation to identify and address volunteer training needs.
  • Track and update Malawi’s volunteer list with AHA certifications or more training for building and maintainng local volunteer capacity on missions.
  • Facilitate the review and follow up action required by volunteer evaluations.Balance the engagement of new volunteers on surgical programs  and training programs.
  • Liase with Program Manager and Program Coordinator to efficently engage Student Programs on surgical programs.
  • Facilitate staff training on Operation Smile Academy .
  • Research areas of interest for new education and training materials
  • Foster partnerships with higher learning  facilities  and leversge the prtnership to benefit Operation Smile programs  and patients.
  • Perform other duties as necessary.

Additional Functions:

  • Participate in and/or provide support for special events such as team retreats, social events or conferences as needed.
  • Serve on program-related task forces.
  • Monitor and ensure that organisational assets within the department are prudently managed.
  • Coordinate/complete other departmental projects as needed/requested.
  • Keep department program calendar updated.

General Team Performance:

  • Upholds a high level of team spirit ensuring proper balance between local and international teams in line with organizational protocols.
  • Prepares for and actively participates in scheduled local, regional and global team meetings.
  • Performs the role of foundation’s social media Focal Person ensuring that organizational media pages (Facebook, website) are updated weekly while ensuring prior liaison with the Country Manager and Programs Manager.
  • Prepares for and actively participates in team reviews.
  • Performs other duties as may be delegated from time to time by the Program Manager or Country Manager.


  • At least three years working experience in a coordination or education role in a busy  non governmental organization.
  • Bachelor’s degree in  health or  business, non-profit management, public health, anthropology, international relations, or a related field.
  • International program / project / travel experience and or demonstrable experience in global health highly desirable.
  • Volunteer/service experience.
  • Work experience in an international NGO or non-profit context preferred.

Additional Skills Requirements:

  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills required.
  • Second language proficiency is desirable, but not required.
  • Excellent leadership, mentorship, organizational, management, and interpersonal/social skills required.
  • Proficiency in excel and database management.
  • Self-starter abilities, demonstrate innovative and collaborative efforts when confronted with challenges or new tasks.
  • Must be flexible and able to adapt to a rapidly evolving work environment.