Mount Sinai International School an international school located in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa has a vacancy for the position of Head of School commencing in July 2024. Mount Sinai International School is a University of Cambridge International Examinations accredited School. Interested applicants must apply by emailing your current C.V., qualifications and references to the school email address mountsinaiinternationalschools@gmail.com. Please visit our school website www.mountsinaiinternationalschools.com for further information about the school

REPORTS TO: Managing Director of the Board of Directors

The Head of School carries out four main functions in his/her job: management, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning.

A more detailed list of possible activities is listed below. This may not be exhaustive; the Head of School is expected to exercise good judgement, and work the hours necessary to ensure the efficient running of the school and to ensure its long-term success, and the best interests of the pupils.

  • Supervision, training and mentoring of teachers
  • Management of the allocation of duties to all teaching staff to ensure the effective and efficient performance of the school’s teaching, research and service functions.
  • Induction and mentorship of new school staff.
  • The Head of School will be in charge of the quality control of the teachers he/she will be required to observe classes and evaluate the teachers every term. The HOS will provide a report on their respective section and the departments they supervise to the Managing Director at the end of each term. The report will be a critical analysis of the School which will include recommendations for the direction and development of the School.
  • Supervise extra-curricular activities of the students of the school
  • The Head of School will be responsible for exam time tables for the school as well as the Term time table (period and work allocation) for both the primary and secondary school.
  • Scheduling of the Staff meetings and PTA meetings.
  • The Head of School will be responsible for the Primary School discipline methods to be implemented (note corporal punishment is forbidden).
  • Evaluating and approving the staff lesson plans or schemes of work for the term. One to one meetings with teachers to assess progress.
  • The Head of School will be responsible for the welfare of the teaching staff, all correspondence to the Managing Director must go through the respective Head of School first.
  • Curriculum development
  • Ability to add to or modify the curriculum for special needs students to promote a positive learning experience.
  • Prepare objectives and outlines for different courses of study and their comprehensive evaluation, both formative and summative at different year levels.
  • Oversee and control process of teaching, syllabus completion and establish a feedback mechanism
  • Oversee all of the examinations committees (external and internal examinations committees).
  • Staff development, working with Management in the organization of staff training, identifying staff development needs and opportunities both within the school and outside of the School.
  • Working with the Management in regards to resource allocation in respect of the general operation of the School.
  • Working with the Accounts Office the Head of School will also supervise and conduct school fees collection on behalf of the School.
  • The Head of School may be required, at the request of the Board of Directors to perform additional duties on behalf of MSIS outside of normal working hours or during school holidays. All additional duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board shall be consistent with those normally associated with the position of a Headmaster/Headmistress.
  • The Head of School will not engage in any other employment or private business that may interfere with the performance of the above duties or violate the conditions of service or if applicable the Temporary Employment Permit. During his/her employment, the Head of School shall devote his/her whole time and attention during business hours to the business of the school and shall use his/her best endeavors to promote MSIS interests and welfare.