Deadline: 16th February 2024

IsraAID Malawi January

Job Vacancies

1. Health Project Officer 2. Health Project Assistant


IsraAID is an international non-governmental humanitarian aid organization headquartered in Israel. Our teams have been providing aid in emergency and long-term development settings in over 60 countries worldwide since we were founded in 2001. Our mission is to help communities affected by crises rebuild their lives and futures together. We respond quickly to emergencies such as hurricanes, refugee crises, and global pandemics, and work closely with communities to help them become self-reliant in preparing for and responding to emergencies and crises. IsraAID started its emergency and development activities in Malawi in March 2023, in response to Cyclone Freddy, to provide immediate relief and access to basic services. Over time, the program has expanded to focus on long-term development and resilience initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

The Program Officer will lead the implementation of Health project activities of the IsraAID Malawi Country Office in alignment with the 2024 IsraAID Malawi Country Office strategy. He/she will deliver the project ensuring that the 2024 work plan is executed with a context-appropriate approach to have a positive impact on the intended beneficiaries and ensure that the project is implemented by IsraAID’s do-no-harm policy.

The Health Program Assistant will play a supportive role to the Program Officer and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

Project Implementation:

  • Implement integrated plans and activities for the IsraAID health-related project in line with the 2024 project strategy.

  • Conduct training, health education sessions, and awareness campaigns on nutrition, communicable diseases, hygiene, and sanitation among others.

  • Support the project by conducting assessments and surveys to gather necessary data.

  • Facilitate community engagement sessions with community leaders, faith leaders, traditional healers, mother-care group members, and other target audiences at the community level.

  • Actively participate in stakeholder engagements by joining coordination forums at district and community levels.

  • Ensure that Primary Health Care and other health professionals, as well as other relevant partners, are involved in planning and feedback sessions.

  • Contribute towards the development and dissemination of relevant social behavioral change (SBC) materials such as posters, brochures, and leaflets among the targeted audience to support the project.

  • Contribute to the preparation of impact stories, case studies, and needs assessment reports.

  • Provide regular technical assistance to community women groups, school patrons, and masons to ensure the effectiveness of community mobilization and engagement activities.

  • Represent the IsraAID project at district and village levels, as well as the various coordination bodies.

Cooperation with relevant Government authorities:

  • Maintain bilateral relations and harmonized cooperation with relevant Government agencies including district health department level and community levels and village health center levels.

  • Organize and conduct meetings with local government representatives at district and village levels; establish and train community group members and village leaders to keep abreast on health-related issues affecting the communities.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting:

  • Regularly gather and analyze data to track progress, identify challenges, and make informed decisions to improve the program.

  • Deliver comprehensive and timely reports capturing project activities, achievements, and challenges.

  • In coordination with the MEAL officer, develop and ensure the execution of project monitoring in the health and nutrition projects.

  • Support the formulation of project proposals for internal and external donors.

  • Liaise with the Head of the Health sector, Program Manager, and other relevant non-Country staff.

  • Any other tasks as delegated by the Program Manager.

Safeguarding, Safety & Security

  • Fully adhere to the Child Safeguarding Policy and report to the line manager in case of policy violation by staff and/or partners.

  • Fully adhere to Gender Equality policies are maintained across project design, and implementation, and are applied to day-to-day team engagements.

  • Ensure that all partners engaging in IsraAID activities (training, partnerships, project delivery) are trained on and apply IsraAID policies in project-related work.

  • Fully adhere to Child Protection and Gender Policies and Code of Conduct (CoC).

  • Adheres to any local security protocols when working in the office and during field engagements.

  • Immediately report any health, safety, and security incidents or near-misses that occur on IsraAID duty to the CD/ Security Focal Point.

  • Conduct yourself in a manner that does not put colleagues or any IsraAID partners in immediate danger or harm’s way.


Health Project Officer

University degree in general Health/public health or medical university or college degree (in nursing, midwifery, nutrition, etc.).

Health Project Assistant

University diploma in general Health/public health, medicine, midwifery and nutrition.


  • At least 3 to 5 years of relevant professional experience in the Health/public health sector based on improving health care for mothers and children, preferably in an international organization context.

  • 3-to-5-year experience in implementation of nutrition projects with international NGOs.

  • Excellent understanding of community health issues especially about communicable diseases; malaria and cholera.

  • Innovative and creative.

  • Excellent understanding of community awareness and communication strategies at the community level.

  • Excellent written and spoken English and excellent ability to communicate in Chichewa.

  • Computer literacy (software packages: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • Experience in capacity building and community development.

  • Well-developed interpersonal and facilitation skills.

To apply for this position, please upload your CV (Max 2 Pages) and cover letter on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekOjhCsGT29cujBuqHAAHDTSlsBrOgudleY39XYYi3K0FHQ/viewform

Please note that CVs longer than 2 pages will not be considered. We regret to report that only candidates eligible for an interview will be notified

If you experience any technical challenges, please contact us at: malawi@israaid.org.

Note: We will not be accepting applications through the email address, this contact is for the purpose of inquiries.