Job Description

Malawi – Liverpool – Wellcome Programme (MLW) https://www.mlw.mw is committed to promoting research and research training led by Malawian and international scientists. The aim is to improve the health of people in Malawi and elsewhere in the wider region. MLW has a unique translational research portfolio that links an excellent laboratory research base to strong hospital and community-based research and highlevel policy formulation.
The MLW Research Strategy is built around six thematic areas: (1) Infection Biology, (2) Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, (3) Clinical and Experimental Medicine, (4) Vaccines, (5) Population Health, and (6) Social Science. Researchers are organized into 22 research groups.MLW is offering two highly competitive CREATOR Research Fellowships covering tuition for applicants to theMaster of Medicine (MMed) /MSc in any Clinical Nursing discipline Programme at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) within the Paediatrics and Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, (and surgical sub-specialties), Radiology, Ophthalmology,

Psychiatry, and Emergency Medicine departments or in any clinical nursing programme
The post-graduate student will be expected to conduct a high-quality research project that will form part of their MMed/ MSc degree. Additionally, it will be expected that the project findings should be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. S/he will work in a research group at MLW and will be supervised and mentored accordingly. The applicant must be on a full-time government/University salary and be ready to complete both the KUHeS MMed/MSc in Clinical Nursing discipline and an appropriate regional college
certification as a specialist in their field.

Assessment process
The fellowship applications will be assessed based on the following: academic track record, research experience/aptitude, academic performance, quality of the proposed research, supervisory team and training environment, alignment of the research to MLW and KUHeS research areas, proposed career track, application presentation, and interview performance. Since the Fellowship only covers tuition for the MMed/MSc programme, applications will need to provide evidence of research cost funding as supported by a respective group head as well as the likelihood of completing the program.



Applications must include the following:
Please submit the following documents labeled as MLW CREATOR_FELLOWHSIPS _YOUR NAME
Applications must include the following:
a. An application letter detailing your suitability for the fellowship, motivation, and career ambition,and the MLW research group you would like to work with and why.
b. A letter of support from the MLW research group leader. Candidates must discuss their potential project plan with a group leader at MLW prior to application and this must be evidenced in the letter of support.
c. A laboratory approval letter from the Laboratory manager if the project will be lab-based.
d. A letter of support from a potential (co-)supervisor with a proven research track record in the applicant’s chosen research thematic area.
e. A detailed CV, including information on academic performance and achievements to date, including any awards and personal distinctions, research grants and fellowship funding received, and any relevant outputs, including publications and presentations.
f. Photocopied certificates and transcripts.
g. A 1-page outline of the research concept and fellowship plan.
h. MMed/MSc offer letter or proof of registration for the programme that tuition funding is sought for)

MLW Research Groups
Please email training@mlw.mw to request the research group head contact for the group you are interested in working with. Information on MLW research groups can be obtained from MLW Website.

Submit your application through training@mlw.mw and request any information through the same email