The National Director (ND) provides overall leadership and management to HFH Malawi and guides the development and implementation of HFH Malawi strategy. The ND will represent HFH Malawi vision, mission, and values to all stakeholders. The ND will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization by ensuring effective resource mobilization, financial and programmatic support/management to staff and partners, business & partnership development, Advocacy, and communications.

In collaboration with the HFHM Board of Directors and HFHI, the ND ensures that the mobilization of resources is adequate to achieve short-term and long-term strategic goals; develops and implements, together with staff and HFHI, a fund-raising strategy that mobilizes resources through diversified constituencies.

The ND has a matrix reporting line to the HFH Malawi Board chair and HFHI AVP – Africa Area Office and will supervise the Program, Resource Development, Finance, HR& Administration and the Construction units at NO level.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategy, business development and institutional representation

  • Guides the development and implementation of HFHM strategy and long-term business plan that leads to increased positive impact on access to decent and affordable housing in Malawi.
  • Models’ servant leadership and preserves, upholds, and promotes Habitat for Humanity mission, principles, and core values.
  • Ensure Country Strategy performance and monitor and identify and inform about internal or external risks, which affect the strategy implementation as well as contingent opportunities to be taken for program strengthening and development. Propose corrective measures in case of deviations.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance HFH Malawi positioning & pre-positioning, visibility, strategic alliances, and funding opportunities related to the National Office.
  • Ensure the participation of HFH Malawi in inter-organizational spaces for coordinating actions in Malawi and the active engagement of the organization within multi stakeholders’ platforms, task forces and working groups, attending meetings as per relevant sectors, especially on Housing.
  • Manage relationships in country with all relevant stakeholders, such as local and international NGO’s, Universities and Research institutes, private sector, Embassies and its cooperation agencies, AU, ECHO/EU offices, UN agency, local authorities/county governance, among others, which may lead to a greater impact of the strategy and the NO program, better levels of positioning as well as to generate business development opportunities.
  • Facilitate sharing and learning across other HFH National Offices & Affiliates, HFHI and national organizations working in Malawi.
  • Work with the Senior management team and the Board of Directors in Malawi in cultivating strategic partnerships or relationships with new/existing donors to further strategic development opportunities.
  • Coordination with the SMT, lead the annual planning and budgeting process, and manages the implementation of the plan and reporting of measurable outcome.
  • Ensures the organization’s programme achieves scale, efficiency and effectiveness, and sustainability.
  • Oversees programme planning, management, and evaluation through implementation of innovative partnerships and Housing Technologies.
  • Ensures and demonstrates good stewardship of resources, and maintains professional relationships with consultants, contractors, and service providers.
  • In consultation with the HFH Malawi Board of Directors ensures the fiscal, legal, and programmatic integrity of the organization including accurate and timely reporting to relevant country statutory authorities, to HFHI and to donors.
  • Identifies and introduces best practices, benchmarking with likeminded organizations for enhanced impact and performance.

Operations and compliance management

  • Ensure compliance with all legal obligations of the Organization, internal policies, and regulations.
  • Lead and supervise the performance of the country team with transparency, integrity, control, and quality; to provide timely and accurate internal and external accountability.

Implementation and reporting

  • Supports the Program manager on the program and project development; validate project budgets, operational plans and assure that the interventions are aligned with the NO strategy, objectives and budget allocated for the relevant activities and approved by the board and HFHI Africa Area Office.
  • Management and technical support, to ensure high quality of the interventions to achieve synergies and complement projects and partners.
  • Ensure that the projects count with a proper MEAL plan and supervise its implementation. Identify deviations and/or opportunities to be taken and proposing or approving corrective measures.
  • Ensure proper reporting (technical and financial) to HFHI using the institutional monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Responsible for the open and effective communication between team members to ensure timely implementation of project activities and reporting to donors.
  • Ensure that effective financial administrative systems governing the project activities are in place and are in line with HFHI and donor requirements.
  • Ensure adequate information flow regarding ongoing operations for both management and external communication.

Human Resource management

  • Validate the HFH Malawi structure to ensure its fit for purpose to maximize the efficiency of the NO team.
  • Participate in the recruitment process for key positions integrating DEI principles as per the HFHI guidelines.
  • Identify training and capacity building needs for team career (technical and behavioral) growth and efficiency.
  • Ensure implementation of the HFH Malawi Performance management system to enhance individual & team performance and accountability.
  • In coordination with HR, ensure work force planning for optimum utilization of human resources, identify key staff in the NO, recommending them to national or international cross-cutting projects as part of capacity building and succession planning.

Resource Mobilization, Fundraising, Partnerships and strengthening of the Program

  • Ensure the sustainability of the Program through the development and implementation of a Fundraising strategy which include the current donors supporting HFH Malawi and others.
  • Ensure and support the HFH Malawi team in developing innovative and strategic project proposals, based on the meaningful participation of the local partners, community, and other relevant stakeholders to consolidate and expand Malawi program operations.
  • Coordinate current and future HFH Malawi projects with different donors, seeking for opportunities to expand and deepen relationships.
  • In coordination with the SMT and other relevant staff and local partners, lead the identification of new initiatives and opportunities that respond to identified needs of the NO strategy and support resource mobilization activities for new opportunities identified in coordination with HFHI Area Office and HQ
  • Support HFH Malawi team, field program staff and partner organizations on proposal development and design, including gathering information for concepts and proposals; oversee, lead or co-ordinate proposals and needs assessments.
  • Develops the fundraising strategies for governmental, corporate sector and foundations funding sources, systematizing the organization-wide efforts to this effect.
  • Prepares policy papers and coordinates input to key organizational documents as they relate to developing and strengthening of partnerships with existing and new donors, including non-traditional donors.
  • Ensures the sound coordination, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the fundraising strategy to leverage resources as per the set targets.
  • Represents HFH Malawi before the public authorities and other actors and as the main liaison person of HFH Malawi with the media.
  • Identifies, develops, and maintains effective relations with all stakeholders, including government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, donors and sponsors, partners and homeowners, and the public at large.

Advocacy and Communications

  • Develops and implements, together with staff, a Communications strategy to promote the organization programme and brand and visibility.
  • Develops and implements, together with staff and the support of HFHI, an Advocacy strategy to promote policies and systems that advance access to affordable and decent housing in Malawi.
  • Proactively analyze the actors who have the potential to contribute to the achievement of the HFHM program goals within the broader context including government, private sector, donors and foundations, international and local civil society, academic institutions. Establish and actively sustain productive relationships with relevant actors (inside and outside the country).
  • Contribute to national dialogue on housing strategies and advocate for change in policies and practice in line with program goals. Support and work effectively in coalitions, networks, and social movements to achieve broader impact.
  • Promote and participate in campaigns and events to raise awareness, advocacy, or funds.

Board relations

  • Oversees the development of the HFH Malawi Board relationship with the staff and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensures HFH Malawi Board of Directors’ resolutions are implemented.
  • Ensure organizational stability and sustainability by supporting the recruitment and development of a wise, skilled, committed, and balanced Board of Trustees, marked by integrity and upholding the Habitat mission.
  • Collaborate and oversee the development of the organization policies.
  • Participate in meetings as an ex officio member and ensure HFHM Board of Trustees’ resolutions are implemented.
  • Serve as liaison between the board and the national organization’s staff, affiliates, and partners.

Contingency Planning, Safety and Security Management:

  • Ensure compliance with security procedures and policies as determined by HFHI guidelines, policy, and NO security plans.
  • Proactively ensure that staff and visitors operate in a secure environment and are aware of safety and security policies and procedures.
  • Maintain oversight of the larger context and any humanitarian developments in Malawi and ensure that HFHI can concisely remain informed of the pressing humanitarian issues and current challenges.


  • University degree in international development/relations, public administration, business administration, economics, housing, and urban development, and/or social sciences.
  • Post graduate studies in development studies, project management or related fields.
  • Continuing education in relevant fields such as NGO management, board development, resource mobilization, advocacy, communications monitoring, and evaluation, and in country or region-specific issues is an advantage.
  • Minimum 10 years of work experience in housing finance and/or micro finance or urban planning, housing development or social sciences, relevant to human settlement and community development in Sub-Sahara Africa.


  • At least 5-year experience in Country/National leadership position managing donor-funded projects/programmes, Community development experience will be a significant added advantage.
  • Experience in non-profit/NGO resource mobilization including proposal development, plus a local and/or international network of prospective donors and constituencies.
  • Experience in serving on or in the development of non-profit/NGO boards of directors.
  • Knowledge of housing issues in Kenya, Sub Sahara Africa, and in particular affordable housing.
  • Proven experience in change management, leading and managing staff, including recruitment, staff development, training, mentoring and performance management.
  • Demonstrated financial management competence, including the management, and monitoring of budgets, agreements, MOUs, and contracts.
  • Experience in programme and project management.
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation and other program quality/effectiveness & development approaches.
  • Excellent communication skills, confidence in handling prominent gatherings, media, and events.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Ability to travel nationally and internationally.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Proven ability to influence and negotiate with internal and external audiences
  • Ability to advice and support field staff in a consultative manner.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capacity to remain calm under pressure and not lose sight of strategic priorities. Must be organised and efficient.
  • A sound understanding of DEI awareness.
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to work with a wide variety of staff with different cultural background.
  • Committed to HFHI principles.

How to apply

Please submit your application to: afrnairobiinfo@habitat.org

with National Director as the subject of the email