(Appointment Type: Local Hire)



DATE OF ISSUE: 31st January , 2024




The Government of Malawi (GoM) through the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has applied for financing towards the cost of the Regional Climate Resilience for Eastern and Southern Africa 2 (RCRP). The
EP&D intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing to eligible payments under the contract for hiring various Project specialists and an intern.

The EP&D invites applications from suitably qualified and interested candidates to fill the various positions of Project specialists, recruited as individual consultants following World Bank Regulations dated September 2023.

Position Title: Project Contract Management Specialist (1 Position)

The Objectives of the Assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to build capacity of PCU to plan, coordinate, manage and monitor the implementation of Project contracts in adherence with the World Bank’s Regulations
for IPF Borrowersdated September 2023.

Duties and Responsibilities

The specialist’s main tasks include the following (other tasks may be added, by agreement, as the project progresses):

a) Ensure the maintenance of a Contract Documentation Control System and Project archive containing all relevant documents related to the Project, including correspondence, reports, drawings, technical specifications, bid and contract documents, drawings, working papers, and other reference materials used or created during the period of work, in a properly indexed reference format for use by the PCU and outside reviewers. The following documents should be the minimum requirement that should be maintained by the Contract Management Specialist and reported accordingly:

(i) Measurement logs – the cornerstone of FIDIC Contract is that all quantities should be re-measured by the Project Engineer and payment to the Contractor should be made only for the quantities actually measured (that often differ from the quantities in the Contract); compare measured works for payments against actual progress at site in real time before actual payments;
(ii) Activity reports – daily, weekly, monthly reports showing in tabular format quantities of work done, number of staff and equipment involved, consumption of materials, testing and samples etc. The reports should also mention any specific events, incidents, weather conditions etc.;
(iii) Issues Log – a record of all issues that occurred during the execution of works, with appropriate description and indication of the date, cause, remedial measures to be taken, responsible party, status of remediation etc.;
(iv) Variation Orders – critical documents that justify changes in quantities, prices, and time for completion;
(v) Correspondence between the Contractor and third parties (Government agencies, local authorities,
controlling bodies, end users, beneficiaries etc.);
(vi) Inspection and Control Logbook – a record of all inspections, audits and controls performed by any party starting with PCU, but also any third party (environmental agency, financial control, local
authorities etc.).
b) Ensure the establishment of a Contract Administration System for the Project, to track Contractors and Engineers compliance with terms and conditions of contracts, variation orders, address delays in performance, troubleshoot problems, and completion of works;
c) Ensure that all necessary insurances, securities/bonds or guarantees to be provided by consultants and contractors are in place and remain up to date as required by their contracts;
d) Complete orderly and comprehensive closeout of contracts and contract files as per the Contracts;
e) Ensure that the appropriate Engineer provides PCU with full details of the progress and quality of works carried out by each Contractor on a monthly basis;
f) Monitor and report on Contractor compliance with the site specific Environmental Management Plans and Health and Safety Plans and adherence to phased access to site obligations based on any staggered completion of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) implementation and recommend remedial action to be taken in case of non-compliance;
g) Assist PCU in reviewing Engineers determination on the Contractors’ claims, DAB opinions and decisions on disputes and advice PCU accordingly;
h) Ensure the project procurement plan is updated for the project from time to time (at least annually), including individual subcomponents and other activities;
i) Evaluating the performance capacity of consultants, contractors and suppliers and any others working on the project;
j) He/she will be the de facto M&E person for all contracts and must be able to generate relevant status update information for the Project Coordinator and the Civil Engineer;
k) Once the deliverables are approved by the Civil Engineer (and the relevant government bodies), the Contract Management Specialist will be responsible in ensuring the correct amount is being paid;
l) Develop a risk management system to track all identifiable risks of the Project;
m) Attend site meetings and report on findings, review minutes of site meetings to ascertain the validity of the contents of the minutes for the Project Coordinator and respective User Departments
n) Prepare Contract lists and making follow-up for all contracts implementation;
o) Supervise, monitor and evaluate the consultant’s work from the time they submit the inception and Final report ensuring that the consultants do not deviate from their terms of reference and submit all reports according to the agreed schedules for submission as contained in their terms of
p) Review and collect monthly and quarterly reports of the consultants with the Project Coordinator and respective User Departments for the attention of the Government and World Bank;
q) Provide remedies against non-performing contractors and consultants by advising the PCU to either:
(i) Deny the approval of non-compliant goods, defective work, or sub-standard materials; or
(ii) Reject non-performing staff; or
(iii) Recommend to PCU the action to be taken in case the contractor/consultant failure to fulfil the contractual obligations.
r) Anticipate claims that may be submitted by Contractors related to Project execution and review recommendations prepared by the appropriate Engineer regarding claims submitted by contractors, and support EP&D’s legal counsel (on technical matters only) to resolve claims;
s) Monitor contractor’s and consultant’s claims and disputes by undertaking the following:
(i) Review the Engineer’s assessments on contractors’ claims and advise the Project Coordinator on any potential issues and recommend remedial actions.
(ii) Convene meetings with contractors and the Consultant to allow ample opportunity for identification and early resolution of potential disputes.
(iii) Collaborate with the Consultant and prepare EP&D responses on contractors’ referrals to Dispute Boards as they may arise from time to time.
t) Provide expert assistance to the client in responding to issues referred to Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Board (DAAP) and Arbitration by the Contractors as need arises;
u) Identifying, developing and implementing contracts management systems and tools that have the capacity to contribute to sustained improvements in project performance, including financial monitoring and control;
v) Identifying contract management issues and proposing solutions, including financial monitoring and control;
w) Strengthening contracts management capacity of the PCU;
x) Identify key contract management knowledge and capacity gaps in stakeholder/partner organisations and provide technical assistance to the PCU to strengthen contracts management capacity;
y) Advise on how to ensure that projects are programmed to a level of detail necessary for financial and programming control;
z) Prepare regular reports on contracts management, including financial monitoring and control of projects;
aa) Analyse sub-project progress reports, and produce estimates of updated project costs and financial forecasts;
bb) Implement a risk management process, develop and review risk register and check risk controls;
cc) Review the Projects’ Interim Payment Certificates (IPC) with PCU and recommend necessary actions;
dd) Put in place a project management data base and tracking system for monitoring project physical implementation process and financial payments against contract price.

Reporting Requirements

The Contract Management Specialist will report to the Project Coordinator for all his/her technical and administrative operations.

Qualification and experience

The candidate should meet the following minimum qualifications:

a) Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Architecture, Quantity Surveying or similar field and, registered in a relevant and professional body;
b) General experience of 15 years in managing civil engineering contracts in urban and transport infrastructures;
c) Specific experience as a Contract Manager in managing three (3) projects in the last 10 years;
d) He/she must have experience in FIDIC, WB or other Donor funded projects; and
e) Experience in Developing Countries, Fluency in written and spoken English is mandatory

Duration of the assignment

The Project Financial Management Specialist will be recruited for a period of five (5) years, with the contract renewable annually subject to satisfactory performance, need and availability of funding.

Facilities to be provided by the Client

The following shall be provided by the Client: office space, furniture, office equipment, communication, and internet facilities. For all field related assignments, the Project shall provide transport and costs and other expenses (per diems etc.) related to the fieldwork.

Location of Employment

All the Project Specialists will be based at the Project Coordination Unit in Lilongwe but would be required to travel regularly to other relevant field offices where the RCRP is implementing its activities.

Mode of Application

Interested Individuals meeting the stated requirements should submit their Expressions of interest including updated detailed curriculum vitae (CVs) and copies of professional certificates must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by Tuesday, 13th February, 2024 on or before 10:00 hours, local time.

The Project Coordinator,
Regional Climate Resilience Program for Eastern and Southern Africa 2 Project,
Department of Economic Planning and Development,
P. O. Box 30136,

(Attention: The Procurement Officer)

Alternatively, applications may be emailed to: epd_procurement@finance.gov.mw : /copy epd_hr@finance.gov.mw