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Key Responsibilities:


To effectively implement community engagement, child sponsorship, child protection, advocacy and faith and development across APs within a cluster. The position will standardize quality community engagement approaches in a cluster for increasing program ownership and sustainability at community level. The role will support implementation of sponsorship interventions as an asset for development. This position requires someone with strong transformational community development knowledge, good collaboration skills, project management and critical analysis skills.


1.Community Engagement

  • Develop the process of involving at various levels of participation, empowerment and capacity, groups of communities to address issues affecting child well-being.
  • Assess and build capacity of communities to take action that produces positive and sustainable changes locally.
  • Facilitate community participation in the implementation of transformational development interventions
  •  Foster collaboration across government and service providers throughout the community in relation to issues affecting child well being

2.Sponsorship Programming and Child-Well Being

  • Conduct Sponsorship Feasibility and Risk Assessment for Area Programs in the district including new APs.
  • Develop and implement Sponsorship Risk Mitigation Plan across APs
  • Implement essentials of child sponsorship which includes community-based care & protection, children’s participation and voice.
  • Establish and maintain functionality of child-friendly spaces like such as Children’s Club, Bible Clubs, IMPACT + Clubs, Child Parliament.
  • Review RC monitoring data (system reports from ASO and Volunteer home visit reports) to identify key sector issues affecting RC and make appropriate follow up and referrals
  • Facilitate MVC and Disability Inclusion in Sponsorship Programming
  • Monitor the participation of RC in CESP interventions

3.Program Planning, Implementation & Monitoring

  • Develop and implement sponsorship Detailed Implementation Plan and budget within acceptable standards
  • Develop and implement Sponsorship Business Plan at cluster Level
  • Facilitate efficient and timely implementation of planned activities with more focus on Community Engagement, Child Participation, Child Protection, advocacy, Spiritual Nurture of Children.
  • Disseminate Sponsorship Messages for community awareness on child sponsorship model
  • Implement Sponsorship New Initiatives like Chosen Events, Sponsorship 3.0, SEED.
  •  Support sponsor visits
  • Implement all CESP audit findings within acceptable standards
  • Conduct CESP reviews with community partners within a cluster
  • Develop and share CESP monthly, Semi-Annual, Annual and Impact report
  • Share Child/RC Stories of Transformation at least once a quarter including capturing community videos on CESP interventions for Sponsorship 2.0 products
  • Report child sponsorship-related high-risk incidents that may significantly threaten public trust or sponsor accountability

4.Capacity Building and Collaboration

  • Identify capacity gaps for community partners
  • Develop training plan to address identified gaps for staff and community partners
  • Build capacity of staff on all new Sponsorship Initiative- like SEED, Sponsorship 3.0, Chosen Events (TPM)
  • Mentor and coach trained community groups (volunteers, committees and stakeholders)
  • Assess impact of capacity development efforts on Sponsorship Management for community partners
  • Facilitate establishment and strengthening of community networks, coalitions and partnerships for CWB.

5.Child Protection & Advocacy

  • Implement Child Protection Minimum Requirement I, II &III.
  • Implement local level advocacy campaigns for CWB
  • Facilitate compliance to Safeguarding Policy in APs
  • Facilitate and support implementation of local level advocacy efforts for CWB through CPA/CVA
  • Facilitate updating of CVA database
  • Facilitate integration of GESI in CESP sector


Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Education, Journalism, Development Studies and any other relevant field Experience:   At least 5 years of broad and deep experience in community engagement, child and adult safeguarding, child sponsorship and advocacy Skills: Excellent facilitation, collaboration, communication, project management & critical analysis skills Previous experience in working with children Previous experience in sponsorship management Good understanding of sponsorship business processes Good understanding of Development philosophy/approaches Basic understanding of information management Basic understanding of transformational development Excellent written and presentation skills in English and any one local languages in Malawi Basic understanding community based development/citizen led approaches. At least 5 years of broad and deep experience in managing community engagement, child and adult safeguarding, child sponsorship and advocacy Ability to use web based databases Previous experience in the use of Excel

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only